Our Recycled Quality Assured

Recycled Courier Bags has a reputation of being cheap and of lower quality. The truth is, if manufactured properly, the quality and tear strength of mixed recycled poly mailers is almost equivalent to that of virgin new poly mailers.

Virgin Plastic is new, direct resin produced using natural gas or crude oil without any recycled materials. Fossil fuels are burned, large amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the air, thereby trapping heat in our atmosphere. The production of it is harmful to the environment. We don’t need to be producing more virgin plastic. We have more than enough existing plastic that can be recycled and upcycled into new materials and new products.

At StellarPAC, our poly mailers are made from recycled plastic where existing plastic is recovered from scrap or waste plastic which are then reprocessed and turned into our new mailers! The misconception that recycled plastic is of lower quality because they are recycled again is wrong. The surface texture may not be completely smooth as virgin plastic but the quality of recycled poly mailers is almost equivalent to that of a virgin resin.

We are confident that the strength of our mailers’ tear resistance and quality are not compromised. 

We have extensive Quality Control testing in place at our manufacturing site. If however, something is overlooked, please do let us know and we will replace your purchase – guaranteed.

We are doing our part and taking action towards a better environment through sustainable and long-term practices. We hope to spread the word of circularity and sustainability by showing others that we can turn old plastic wastes into a new product.

Don’t believe it? Try our poly mailers to test its tear strength and quality. It comes with an affordably low price tag too!